31 March 2009

A Patch for Laziness

It seems I'm not much better at keeping this blog updated than the one I had before Steve and I started This Blog Is My Pants. It isn't that either of us lack ideas of things to post; we just...don't post them. So I am going to fix this.

Maureen Johnson, who is a very cool YA author I love, has just announced that she will be blogging every day for the month of April because she has similar problems with posting. I am going to:

1. Keep up with Maureen's posts, and
2. Post something here after every time I read hers. This does not mean posting a reply to Maureen's post, just that this way, I'll have a trigger to make me get my ass on Blogger and write something.

So hopefully, there will be a whole lot more content here soon for your perusal. We are interesting people, Steve and I, and we want to make the world think more deeply about cool shit.


  1. Well, I'm insulted. You know for a fact (cause I linked to it and you commented on my post) that my friend Kevin already had a challenge with the same goal going on, and here you are, only credit to Mo Johnson, gonna do the same thing.

    *shakes head*

  2. Yo! Considering that Maureen's post for today is titled "ASK MJ: LOVE AND PANTS" I am presuming you will be posting something today, yes? Thou and thy pants?