29 May 2009

Target Acquired: Seattle

We're in Seattle! After all the moving, the three days of straight driving with all our worldly possessions in the car, the stress, the everything, we are living in the beautiful house we've wanted all this time, perfectly situated in a gorgeous city, ready to take on our lives like rabid wolverines, and the hot tub works!

I cannot properly explain how right all this is. The place needs some cleaning -- particularly the grill, which has probably never been cleaned in its life. We have some very nice beef tenderloins (sold to me off the back of a truck by a man at a gas station in Spokane) that desperately need to be barbecued. It's a beautiful thing.

There are all sorts of strange things that were left here, like a pool table in the garage and a fully stocked spice rack and two big-screen TVs...and a live fish in an aquarium over the fireplace. The fish is alive, somehow, despite this house being empty for months and no one feeding it. Perhaps it's a zombie fish.

Today we're unpacking and getting oriented. I've got some calls to make to set up doctor's appointments and things. I'm on Medicaid in Pennsylvania, so I need to figure out how to get on it in Washington without stepping on any legal toes. You see, I am also pregnant. We found out about six weeks ago but didn't want to post it here until we'd made sure to tell everyone who ought to hear it in person. It's a boy, due in October, and we're going to adopt it out. So one of the calls I have to make is to the lady running the Seattle branch of one of the adoption agencies we're thinking of using.

Tonight we took advantage of the enormous stack of free movie tickets Cassidy gets as an assistant kitchen manager at the local upscale yuppie theater (called Cinebarre) on the theater's opening day. We saw Star Trek, which Steve and I had seen already but liked. It requires even more suspension of disbelief than most Star Trek, but the acting and writing are way above par. Everyone nailed their roles, especially Bones. Spock and Kirk were impressive too, but dammit, Jim, Bones was perfect. And they worked in a whole slew of classic lines, like "I'm giving her all she's got, Captain!" and "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a physicist!" I'll probably acquire it when it comes out on DVD, and I can't wait to see where they go with this new alternate Trek.

And now I've got to get to work. I've got a bunch of jobs to apply to and all that other stuff I mentioned already. Good night, guys.

14 May 2009

Go West, Young Man!

It's been awhile. I know. You feel neglected, uncared-for, desperate for attention and cuddles. It's okay. I'm going to try to post more often.

At present, Steve and I are in Pennsylvania visiting our various family and friends. This is lovely, although we're ready for the next thing. The next thing is Seattle.

My friend Cassidy is moving to Seattle for his work, and he found a gorgeous, six-bedroom house for cheap just north of the city. We're moving out there right after Memorial Day weekend. A lot of people have asked what on earth we want to move to the other side of the country for; the answers are simple.

1. Neither of us has lived out West before. We'd really like to investigate this whole left coast thing and see what it's all about.

2. Seattle is a town well-stocked with stuff we're interested in doing. There's a large Gnostic temple, a ton of BDSM groups, lots of art museums and other museums (I am a museum addict), a place called the Center for Sex Positive Culture, a huge lesbian/queer population, loads of camping and hiking, the sea, and a lot of potential for really cool jobs.

3. We were planning to go there anyway when we ended up in New Orleans.

4. I know it's going to be fantastic.

So it makes perfect sense for us to go out there. My mum is advocating more conservative choices, but hell, that's just not who I am. So expect some gearing-up-for-Seattle posts, possibly a couple of holy-crap-we're-on-the-road posts, and then a bunch of I-found-a-cool-new-thing-here, settling-in sort of posts. As always, it'll be an adventure. Watch this space.