17 June 2009

Free Boat!

WE HAVE A BOAT! It's a little 12' Snark sailboat, very basic and beginner -- but hell, I'm a beginner at small boats anyway, so that's fine. Her hull is styrofoam with a hard plastic outer layer, totally unsinkable. The wooden pieces (rudder and seat mainly) need to be replaced soon, but they're still functional. The sail has a rip too, but the boat was free after all. You take on a bit of repair work for a free boat. She'll seat two (possibly more, the previous owner said she held him and three kids), and I'll have to see about getting some marine-quality paint for her hull. You don't even want to know the kind of orange her outside is now.

We're going to take her out on the nearby lake this weekend. Like whoa and holy God in sprinkles and orange juice. I cannot fucking wait. I HAVE A BOAT! A boat, motherfucker, a boat, motherfucker!